Snow removal and DTA Matt McMinn’s cool nickname.

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January 18, 2017
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January 20, 2017

Snow Removal was discussed at last nights board meeting (Tuesday, January 17th) among a myriad of other items on the agenda.

Specific focus was pointed toward capitol purchases to make beautification employees jobs easier throughout the winter, liability on work done with snow removal, and the fact that as one individual our beautification staff continues to preform exceptionally.


In other words as SooToday’s David Helwig put it: “Matt McMinn,¬†Queenstown’s like-a-boss snow shoveller.” Read more here.

City Council representation Ross Romano informed the board that he looks forward to thanking Public Works and Transportation for their efforts in clearing the snowbanks along the DTA boundaries. The DTA office continues to advocate for members needs and staff was happy to see work done re: snow removal this week.


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