Board Of Directors Election 2018

The Party Isn’t Over Yet!
August 9, 2018
2018-2022 Acclaimed Board of Directors
January 10, 2019


Sault Ste. Marie Downtown Association

Notice of Board Election
August 20,2018


A September 28, 2015 Council resolution set the composition of the Board at nine members, which includes a member of council appointed directly by the municipality. The remaining eight directors are selected by a vote of the membership and appointed by the municipality. (s. 204(2)(3) Municipal Act, Sept. 2015, City Council resolution

Term of Office:

An election for the board of directors of the Downtown Business Improvement Area will take place the third Monday in November, 2018.  The new board of directors will hold office until December 1, 2022.

Specific items for Nomination
A completed ‘Board Nomination form’ can be obtained here:


496 Queen St. E
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
(705-942-2919) Monday-Thursday (9:30am – 4:30pm)

Nominations shall be in writing and shall include a fully executed “Nomination Consent” form. A person does not need to be an owner or tenant of property in the BIA in order to be nominated.

Election Time Table:

The timeline for the election process shall be as follows:

  1. Nominations shall open on the third Monday of September at 9:00am
  2. Nominations shall close at 5:00pm on the third Monday of October and
  3. Voting day shall be held on the third Monday in November from 9:00 am to 5:00pm.
  4. Immediately following the close of the vote the ballot box shall be opened by the BIA Manager and the City Clerk and all ballots shall be counted. Any party may scrutinize the vote count. If two or more candidates, who cannot both or all be elected, have received the same number of votes, the City Clerk, in the presence of BIA Manager, shall choose the successful candidate(s) by lot.


Nomination Form 


Tenant Statutory Declaration



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