2018-2022 Acclaimed Board of Directors

Board Of Directors Election 2018
August 19, 2018
Board Meeting: Feb 19 – 5:30pm
January 21, 2019

Silhouettes of Business People Discussing Business Issues




At the December 13th Board of Directors meeting the 2018 new and return board were acclimated. 

At Monday’s City Council meeting prior, the following were appointed to the Downtown Association’s board of management until Nov. 14, 2022:

  • Kristi Cistaro
  • Elizabeth Filice
  • Frank Gaccione
  • Neeta Marwah
  • Paul Mason
  • Angela Romano
  • Paul Scornaienchi

At Thursday night’s meeting, the following were appointed as committee chairs:

  • Events Committee – Kristi Cistaro
  • Finance Committee – Frank Gaccione
  • Beautification Committee – Paul Scornaienchi
  • Governance Committee – Kristi Cistaro
  • Communications Committee – Angela Romano
  • Service Sector Committee – Paul Mason, Elizabeth Filice
  • Grantwriting Committee – Kristi Cistaro, Paul Scornaienchi, Frank Gaccione

Term of Office:

An election for the board of directors of the Downtown Business Improvement Area will take place the third Monday in November, 2018.  The new board of directors will hold office until December 1, 2022.



The Association would like to thank  the following board members who chose not to seek reelection:

Joseph Bisceglia
Rory Ring
Bryan Hayes
Grace Tridico 

For more information on our new ‘Queen of Queenstown’ see this link.


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